Womens Wholesale Clothing: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on November 04 2020

Womens Wholesale Clothing: Everything You Need to Know


Fashion is all about expression, which means that in the modern world of fast fashion, copied designs, and big box retailers selling everyone the same products, it can be very difficult to find a style that really says who you are.  For many shoppers, especially women, creating a unique look that nobody else has or wears is a very important selling point. 

Current fashion and retail markets are fully of people trying to just sell copies of the biggest brands or the latest trends.  What if there were an alternative to this kind of big box marketing that allowed customers to identify a niche they could fill and create outfits and looks that are unique to them and their personality? What if there were a way to purchase chic clothing at a low price without sacrificing quality or customer service?

This is where the boutique comes in.  Womens’ wholesale clothing is the new wave when it comes to all the ways that customers can purchase clothing that allows them to display their individuality.  Wholesale clothing is really a complicated thing to navigate, but this article will help you as either an individual or someone looking to buy wholesale for a business know what it’s really all about.

Why Buy Wholesale?

The first reason for someone to buy wholesale is obvious: wholesale clothing is the best way to buy large amounts of clothing or decent prices without having to sacrifice quality, service, or speed of shipping.  For example, you can almost act like the middle man, becoming the big box retail store yourself and buying large amounts of clothing all at once, rather than purchasing it all at retail prices.  This allows someone to become their own boss and start selling clothes on their own time, even creating a boutique of some kind if that’s the direction you decide to go!

If you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a way to start a business that’s simple, requires little effort, and are looking to grow quickly, women’s wholesale may be the best place for you to start, especially if you are passionate about fashion and are willing to spend time marketing and carving yourself a niche within the community. 

Here are some of the basic questions to start asking yourself or asking around the internet if and when you decide to begin selling women’s wholesale clothing:

  • How do you buy wholesale women’s clothing in the first place?
  • Why should you select wholesale over other purchasing methods?
  • Which types of clothing can you buy wholesale?
  • How do you select the best wholesaler?

    Let’s answer them!

    How do You Buy Wholesale Women’s Clothing in the First Place?

    The best way to start buying wholesale women’s clothing is to search for wholesalers.  While this may seem obvious, it may actually not be as obvious as it sounds.  A lot of times, there are ways to purchase large amounts of clothing from other sources, but honestly your best bet to buy a large amount of clothes all at once.

    We will discuss the specifics on how to select the right wholesaler later in this article, but for now, let’s just say there are plenty of different places to look.  

    The first step is to find your wholesalers.  There are several ways to actually locate clothing wholesalers.  One option is to find websites for companies that represent several separate clothing brands, and another option is to actually visit the website of a clothing brand that you are looking to sell yourself.

    You can typically find ways to purchase directly from brands themselves, but you may also explore wholesaling sites, which are businesses dedicated to being your only wholesale partner.  

    So while it may seem like your best bet to go directly to brands, you will often find better clothing options at much cheaper prices from people who sell wholesale.  

    Your next step once you find a bunch of wholesalers is to contact them to get in touch for the first time.  In some cases, you are able to just apply for a wholesale account directly from the brand retailer, but if you are going for the more typical and realistic approach to wholesale, you should start by contacting the wholesaler themselves.

    You should do this because it’s important to build a relationship with your supplier.  Here at Good Stuff, we are dedicated to supporting you and your business in any way we possibly can, especially if it comes to helping you stock your clothing boutique.

    Why Should You Select Wholesale Over Other Methods?

    There are several reasons to choose wholesale clothing, and some of them are more obvious than others.  For example, wholesale allows you to get much larger quantities of clothing for much better prices than buying individual pieces from brands.  This allows you to actually build a profit.  Here are some of the other main reasons to select wholesale.

    • People don’t typically shop wholesale.  Individual customers rarely ever check out wholesale websites, which means that those customers will see new products when they check out what you have in your store.
    • Better pricing: because you are buying in bulk when you shop wholesale, you are able to actually get much better pricing.  Imagine we are like Costco or Sam’s Club, but for clothing instead of household items or food.  
    • Wide variety: Wholesalers are able to stock wide varieties of clothing because the larger quantities allow for a better source of stock and a wider variety.  
    • Fast shipping: Many wholesalers, including Good Stuff, provide fast shipping to our clients.  For anyone who is trying to stock a boutique or create inventory for an online store, fast shipping is an incredibly important thing to have.  
    • Inclusive items: Because of a wider variety, buying wholesale allows you to stock your boutique with clothing items that are inclusive to all body types and genders.  For many years, people who were full-figured were excluded and ostracized from the fashion industry.  Thin models took over, and the entire fashion design industry decided that larger individuals and people who did not fit the “ideal” body type would be completely cut off from any sort of fast fashion or cute clothing.  However, within the last ten years or so, there has been a push for widely acceptable and inclusive clothing lineups.  
      • What’s most important is that almost 50% of people aged 18 to 65 wear size 14 and up, which is considered plus size at most retailers.  So if you don’t stock inclusive clothing, you will be missing out on a large percentage of your potential market.  

    What Types of Clothing Can You Buy Wholesale?

    One of the best things about buying womens’ wholesale clothing is that you can buy a wide variety of items.  Potentially anything that you could buy as an individual customer at a mall can be purchased wholesale for a boutique or online clothing store.  

    Some examples of popular items regularly stocked at boutiques that can be purchased wholesale are shirts, dresses, gym clothes, athleisure, tank tops, hoodies, and believe it or not, even wedding dresses! These can all be purchased in a variety of prints, patterns, and sizes, and because of the variety involved, it can be a great way to make sure that your individual store offers products that will be unique and allow people to express themselves well.

    How do You Select the Best Wholesaler?

    There are a few simple steps for the ways to select the best wholesaler for your online store.

    • Step 1: Do lots of research.  While you could simply google “women’s clothing wholesale” and click the first result, you would probably end up getting products that were cheaply made.  You also would most likely get products that are very widely circulated, which means that they are not rare in any way.  If you buy cheap, widely available products, your clients will be unhappy and will either leave bad reviews or just not shop with you again.
      • Another source of research can be any friend or family member that already runs an online store.  Talk to them about their sources, be willing to take notes, and work with them to figure out what works best for you.
    • Step 2: Determine your boutique’s voice.  You need to be unique and determine your market sector.  Find an audience and make it yours.  Your marketability relies fully on your ability to carve out a niche in the market and define it clearly.
    • Step 3: Measure inclusivity.  Make sure that you pick a wholesale boutique vendor that allows you to sell plus size clothing and clothing for all walks of life and genders.
    • Step 4: Finally, make your decision! Determine the wholesaler’s MoQ (minimum order quantity), find out their shipping times and location, and make your decision!

    In Summary

    By reading this article, you should be fully prepared to select a womens’ wholesale clothing seller.  Good luck!


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