The Best Way to Fill Your Wholesale Boutique

Posted on November 06 2020

The Best Way to Fill Your Wholesale Boutique

Filling your wholesale boutique can seem like an impossible task. After all, your inventory is the entire basis of your business—so you really need to be at the top of your game and feature products that are the best of the best. But how can you do this? 

As it turns out, although it does require work, it’s definitely possible when you’re equipped with the right information. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for! So stay tuned to learn about everything you need to know about filling your wholesale boutique with the best items that your customers are bound to obsess over. 

How Does Wholesale Clothing Work?

A lot of people have heard of the term wholesale before without really knowing what it means and why it can be super beneficial to small businesses. Now, you don’t have to wonder!

Wholesale clothing differs from the traditional method of buying clothing through retailers. Normally, you would buy products from a retailer who had previously purchased these items from a wholesaler and, therefore, performed their own set of markups across the board. This is typically what we do when we go shopping. 

Wholesale, on the other hand, is quite different. First of all, when you shop wholesale, you are generally buying in bulk. You can look at big warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club that sell products in bulk to see that it’s often cheaper to do this since the manufacturer is able to produce things cheaper in bulk. That then means that you can buy them for cheaper! 

Wholesale products are also cheaper because they are able to cut out the middleman that exists within the retail sphere. By eliminating the middleman and the markups that occur within that stage in order for that company to make money, you can rest assured that you are purchasing your items for the lowest possible price so that you can make the most profit possible. 

Clearly, the world of wholesale boutique clothing is definitely worth checking out if you’re totally stuck in the retail sphere. Read on to learn more reasons why you need to do this and how to go about it. 

Why Do You Need Wholesale Clothing for Your Boutique?

Even though we have outlined some of the general benefits of buying wholesale clothing for your boutique, we still need to dive into these advantages to show you why it could be the thing that you’ve been missing! Here are four reasons why you need to buy wholesale clothing to fill up your boutique:

  • Selection and variety. 

Wholesale clothing can offer you an incredible amount of selection and variety when compared to the retail space. For example, many wholesale options cater to a wide range of different styles so you are able to do one-stop-shopping instead of buying a few items from several different sources. In most cases, this can save you a ton on shipping costs. 

Whole clothing can also offer you more size variety as well, including plus sizes that are often neglected by many retailers. 

  • Styles and trends. 

Wholesale clothing can also offer you items based on the hottest styles and trends. Many people assume that wholesale has to be behind the curve when it comes to fashion, but they’re really in front of it! 

This is because there’s so much competition out there that they are constantly watching the runways for the next big trend so that they can turn it into fashion that you can then stock in your boutique. 

  • High quality. 

Wholesale clothing can offer you great quality products that your customers will be able to recognize and appreciate. Many people assume that clothes from retail are automatically of better quality because they are more expensive. 

However, it’s definitely possible to find great quality at low prices when it comes to wholesale since you are buying in bulk and are able to cut down on other costs as a result. 

  • More bang for your buck. 

Speaking of costs, buying wholesale clothing for your boutique can also help you get the most bang for your buck—something that all small business owners are always trying to do. Since you’re able to stock your shop with products that you bought from the lowest possible prices, you are then able to make more profit off of them than you would if you had bought them at higher retail prices. 

How to Find the Best Wholesalers for Your Boutique?

Ok, so you’re convinced by the fact that you need to fill your boutique with wholesale clothing—now what? How do you find wholesalers that are able to give you all of these benefits? It’s not necessarily a given, which is why you need to do your research ahead of time to find the best wholesalers that are able to offer you all of these benefits and so much more. 

That being said, there are so many different wholesalers out there that it’s hard to sort through the competition to find reputable and quality options. Thankfully, has done the hard work for you and has come up with a list of the five best wholesalers around based on key factors like shipping turnaround times, inventory stock, pricing, and customer service:

  1. Good Stuff Apparel
  2. HYFVE
  3. Love Tree
  4. umGee
  5. KatyDidWholesale

Armed with this information, you’re now ready to search for the perfect products for your boutique! Keep reading to find out exactly what you will need from these wholesalers in order to stock your boutique to perfection and impress your customers. 

What’s the Best Way to Fill Your Wholesale Boutique?

Even if you’ve found great wholesalers that you want to buy from, you still need to find the right products for your unique little boutique! This process is a lot easier if you already have your boutique up and running—just look for products that fit in well with your existing inventory. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to launch your boutique with these wholesale items, you need to think about your store’s location, style, aesthetic, design, target clientele, etc. 

Look for a wide variety of items that will make your boutique more appealing to customers by including things like pants, tops, dresses, accessories, and more! This is especially easy thanks to wholesale clothing. 

In fact, many of the best wholesalers offer quick flat-rate shipping so that you can buy just about everything you need all at once to make it easier on yourself. Just make sure to purchase from U.S.-based manufacturers so that you’re able to get your products right away and get them onto the shelves quickly. 

The Hottest Trends in Wholesale Right Now

The fashion world is always changing, so it can be pretty difficult to stay up-to-date on the hottest trends. Thankfully, this is totally possible and even easy to do within the world of wholesale clothing. 

As mentioned previously, wholesalers know that they need to stay ahead of the fashion curve in order to remain competitive with other wholesalers and get more business in the process. As a result, they are able to get amazing new trends on your shelves in no time at all! 

That being said, here are some of the hottest trends in wholesale right now that you need to look out for:

  • Cowl neck sweaters that are super-soft and perfect as we head into cooler weather 
  • Quilted puffer vests with a removable hood so that you can stay nice and cozy while easily layering for winter 
  • Open cardigans with soft and warm cotton and crochet detail to take a basic item to the next level
  • Skinny fit ankle pants in a dark color that go well with your fall wardrobe and tall boots 
  • Light and soft women’s jogger pants that are ideal for staying inside when it’s too cold outside
  • Fitted blazers in bold colors and patterns to spice up other neutral pieces within any fall outfit 

With these trends in mind, alongside the best wholesalers out there and a variety of other tips and tricks, you are now more than ready to fill your wholesale boutique! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, filling your boutique with amazing wholesale clothes doesn’t have to be an impossible task! In fact, with the right tools and tricks up your sleeve, it’s actually quite easy, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

The good news is that now that you know how great wholesale clothing can be, you can really begin to benefit from it, get more customers, and more money into your pockets as a result. 



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