The Complete Guide To Plus Size wholesale Clothing

Posted on September 25 2020

The Complete Guide To Plus Size wholesale Clothing


If you’ve decided to open an online clothing store you might be wondering what sizes you should purchase and invest in. Well, buying plus-sized clothing expands your market range and can help your brand’s image of inclusivity. It may be a rapidly growing trend in the market right now, but there are many more valuable and ethical reasons to buy plus size. 

There are also a few things you should know when talking about plus size wholesale clothing. 

What Is Plus Sized?

You’ve probably heard the word used before when describing a person who is on the larger size. Other common words used to describe people who are plus size are curvy, full-figured, and voluptuous. 

For many years, people who were plus size were ostracized in the fashion industry, leaving them with unflattering pieces of fabric that merely cover their bodies. 

Throughout history, fashion has labeled plus size clothing differently using terms like “stout wear” and “extended sized”. Over time, plus size became the most common term for sizes 14 and up in the retail industry.

Up until recently, there has been a huge stigma with people who are plus size. People would often associate these people with unhealthy eating habits and poor living choices. In the past 10 years, a lot of celebrities have come forward to celebrate that big is beautiful and preach the message of body positivity to girls and boys of all ages. This has caused a huge shift in the fashion industry, causing a lot of brands to expand their sizes and even start having plus-size models on the runway. 

Why Sell Plus Size Clothing

According to market research, plus size clothing is the fastest-growing segment in the apparel industry. It accounts for more than 21 billion dollars of revenue. Over half of women who are between 18 to 65 wear a size 14 or bigger, which is considered to be plus-size.

Having a brand with plus size clothing can increase your profits drastically. The more people who can buy your clothes that weren’t before, the more money you will make in the long run. 

Plus size inclusion in fashion overall is long overdue. There are a huge number of women and men that have been limited in what they can buy and who they can buy from. Not being able to buy a dress from a store because it doesn’t come in your size can be detrimental to your self-esteem. So besides the market value, inclusivity for your store is better for your overall image. Some people who are not plus-sized may think twice about shopping at a store that doesn’t come in all sizes. 

Not Every Vendor Has Them

When you are looking for a wholesale vendor do some research on the quality of their products and see if they offer plus-size options. Just like how many brands participate in “size snobbery” or catering to a certain body type, some vendors do this too. Size elitism is an ugly trait and you don’t want to do business with wholesalers who believe in body shaming. Don’t be afraid to look into a vendor’s history and reputation within the plus-size industry to see if they are committed to quality items for everything they sell. If a vendor is willing to be cheap with plus size clothing, then keep looking for a better supplier. High-quality fashion should be for everyone, not just people who fit in a society’s narrow standards of beauty. 

Wide Variety of Sizes

The key to offering plus size clothing for your store is having a large variety of sizes. Don’t just pick a 1x or a 2x option and call it a day. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to buy clothing that reflects that. If the vendor you choose offers eight different plus sizes, make sure you invest in all of them. If you can afford it, then buy all your products in the sizing for people both plus size and petite. This way, no one will ever feel left out when they want to buy something from you. The last thing you want is negative reviews about size inclusivity from customers.

Dropshipping Plus Size Clothing

Certain vendors will allow you to dropship items from them, and plus size clothing is no different. This is great for businesses that don’t want a lot of inventory sitting around. Make sure you check that the vendor offers the sizes that you are listing on your website, or else you could have some unhappy customers. Once they place their order, the vendor will ship the product directly to your customer, saving you time and the hassle of shipping it yourself. 

You can ask the vendor about their plus size clothing and order samples for yourself to make sure your customers are receiving products that are up to your shop’s standards. 

Trending Plus-Sized Clothing

People who are plus size want to be able to purchase trendy clothing that will look flattering to their silhouette. Don’t just buy basic t-shirts and pants, look for fashionable options that look good on any size. Here are just a few examples for you to consider:

  • Open front cardigans are perfect for fall weather and layering outfits.
  • Cold shoulder tops can be a good transition from the summertime.
  • White skinny jeans look good with any color top and are timeless.
  • Maxi dresses can elongate your legs and shows your natural curves
  • Joggers are super comfy for colder and more relaxed days.
  • Matching sets are always unique and bold, they don’t require much effort to put together, and it’s easy to slip on in the morning. 

These options will look good for all body types and will sell quickly if you market them correctly. 

Look for a vendor that not only offers variety in size but in style and fabrics too. 

Importance of Inclusivity

Including plus size options at your store is a great way to break stereotypes and allows people to be themselves. Everybody is beautiful in their own way, and fashion is one of the ways people can express themselves. Everybody wants to feel seen and appreciated, and fashion is no different. Seeing yourself represented in a brand is really valuable, especially to young girls struggling with their self-image.

The rise in the plus-size inclusiveness trend is leading to new market opportunities around the globe and new product segments. 

In Summary

It might be intimidating when you are first starting out with buying wholesale clothing, but as long as you put some time and effort into finding the best products, you’ll be successful!

Now that you know all about plus size wholesale clothing, you are ready to get out there and purchase these products for your store! It is so important not to understate the value of including plus size clothing in your brand. Everybody deserves to feel gorgeous in what they choose to wear, and you can help people achieve that. Always remember to check the reputation of the vendor, order samples, and read reviews. Good luck!








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