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2016 Spring Trends

Posted on February 08 2016

In this post we are going to go over what is trending for Spring 2016. Specifically we will take a look at the cuts, prints and fabrics that are beginning to inhabit boutiques across the country.


Off the shoulder or cold shoulder cuts are a big look this year. They made a big impression on customers late summer 2015 and were a bit fashion forward then. Now the style has seemed to really resonate with consumers and the demand has been increased in Fall and should carry into Spring.



Tunic dresses have also gained momentum this year.  The cuts lend themselves to be styled in many different variations but the one we see the most is the tunic dress with leggings or jeans.  With Spring on its way it should be interesting to see if this style transforms itself once again, but none the less tunic dresses will be in.

paisley tunic dress

Hem blouses have taken off in some regions of the country and I would expect this trend to continue to grow.

lace hem blouse 


The word on the street is paisley prints are in.  Paisley prints have always been a classy print and we are seeing them more and more with dynamic variations.  Floral prints always rear their head into the fashion mainstream every year but even more so in 2016 floral prints should be hot.

paisley print dressFloral crochet tank



Thick flowing polyester and rayon knit fabrics have been really popular this Fall and we expect to see these carry into Spring but the cuts obviously covering up less and less as move into the hotter months.  Sheer chiffon fabrics are still dead for most people but thicker woven fabrics continue to do well. The big hitters this year will continue to be cotton lace and crochet styles. Last year we saw crochet and lace in its fullest effect, this year I would expect the fabric and designs to be a little less used and more so as embellishments. 

pink crochet embellished blouse



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