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Email Marketing Solutions - Constact Contact vs Mailchimp

Posted on January 14 2016

A strong email marketing campaign is critical in engaging with your customers and building a strong following. We are going to go over the two formidable email marketing companies, Constant Contact and Mailchimp and look at good and bad for both respective companies.


The Good

Mailchimp has rapidly grown in recent years due to its simple interface and most important its free use for users with 2000 or less subscribers. Other services might state they are free but they are in fact only free during a trial period where is Mailchimp is free and possibly free forever if you stay within 2000 subscribers.

The free account does not have all the features available to the email service, but you do get just about everything you’d need to begin a strong email list.

The Bad

A big time drawback to the free plan is that it doesn’t come with automated emails.

Many users with experience in email marketing know the importance of using efficient autoresponder series, so not having that as part of the free plan is a bit of a let down.

However, if you want to send those types of emails, then you’ll need to upgrade and luckily the cost to do that starts at $10.

Large Costs

Although the start price of $10 per month sounds nice, you might want to take a close look at the details to see how much you might have begin to build an audience.

The $10 a month charge actually only covers 500 subscribers, and MailChimp will automatically change your account to the next tier when your subscriber count goes above that.  This means you could get a large shocking bill if your list building is going well.

The pay scale goes as follows: $15 for one thousand subscribers, $25 for two thousand, $50 for five thousand, and $75 for ten thousand.

If you eventually build a nice 25 thousand subscriber list expect your monthly bill to be $150.

Just Ok Support

For all of the great features that come with MailChimp, this has to be the biggest downside. However you can't expect a free service to have great tech support can you?

The good news is the web is filled with helpful tutorials and posts that will guide you through any difficulty you may have with the service.


The Good

If you need help with anything there is 24/7 support.

What I thought was great was that after you sign up for an account a representative will call you to ask if you need help getting things set up. For those that aren't that tech savvy this means

Easy-To-Use Template Builder

Both MailChimp and Constant Contact  have template builders, the one that comes with CC is a easier to navigate and has more customization options.

The Bad

Whereas MailChimp is free up until 200 subscribers and charges only $10 for up to 500 after that, Constant Contact charges twice as much for the same subscriber count.

MailChimp is really upfront about pricing, you can figure out what you will get charged based how many subscribers you have.

CC is tends to employ some schemes to try and lock you into paying $85 a month for a basic account.  And if you want 25,000 subscribers expect to pay unholy amounts of money.

Which is better?

Both systems work great compared to the dozens of other competitors and naturally that is why were even talking about them in the first place.  I will put it this way, if you ever plan on going past 2,000 subscribers then start off with Constant Contact. If you below 2,000 then head on over to Mailchimp.

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