How to Wear the Poncho

The poncho is in full swing this Fall and so we thought we would look into the history of the poncho and how one might utilize it in their wardrobe.
The poncho first showed up about 10 years ago, it was high necked and heavily fringed. Their resurgence can be largely thanked to a stylish makeover that features them with more of a cape feel with abstract designs and trendy tribal print.  It can go as far as a block check monogrammed blanket poncho, to more scarf like wear with graphic designs and everything in between. The poncho is certainly proving to be the cover up of choice for the season.
black printed ponchostone printed poncho


The large ponchos seem to have inspiration drawing from the traditional South American poncho, the almost blanket like addition features vibrant colors. The trick to styling these types of ponchos is to modernise the rest of your outfit with plain neutrals or even pastels..

The glamorous and printed ponchos evokes the feel of a cape, but easier to wear both formally and casually.  Rich colors, fabrics and interesting graphic designs take the piece up a notch, and look beautiful paired with a streamlined bottoms or slim trousers and elegant heels.

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