Affordable Wholesale Clothing

wholesale boutique clothing

It's always funny when I happen to run into some of my customers at the Magic show in Vegas. A question they might ask is what are you doing walking around here? My response to them is that I am looking for clothes to buy from theses big fashion manufacturers just like you. And if you didn't already know, the same fashion manufacturers that you find at fashion events all around the country are also the same manufacturers that supply Good Stuff Apparel.

I am sure you have browsed our product and noticed that our wholesale prices are significantly less then almost any wholesale site you have visited in the past. Our specific method of buying wholesale clothing involves purchasing overstock from many Los Angeles/New York manufacturers.  We also tend to buy in very large bulk and usually pick up whatever a manufacturer has put aside, lowering the price that much more.  It turns out that our business model is great for boutiques because not only are they provided a larger selection of products to buy from, but by purchasing at such low costs they can also compete with other large retailers in their location.

Rest assure that our low prices does not equate to something being wrong with the clothing, in actuality you have probably already been stocking our brand of clothing for years.


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