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2015 Tunic Trend

Posted on October 19 2015

When I think of a tunic, I think of a frumpy oversized top that my aunts loved to wear and have been wearing these styles as I can remember. Lately the tunic has no age restriction. This fall and winter, take a tip and if you haven't already try out the tunic trend. 

You may have been well aware of this trend throughout Spring and Summer but why not transition this trend to fall and winter.  Leggings, denim and an over sized tunic will be a big favorite this season.

Here's a little secret: Wearing a tunic is kind of like wearing pajamas all day. I won't lie, I've worn a sleeping dress as a tunic before. Rather than suffering through wearing a tight top that might show parts you didn't want to show, why not let your upper roam free in a breezy tunic? Trust me, they'll thank you.

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