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Wholesale Denim Trends

Posted on October 19 2015

Our new wholesale denim additions are geared primarily towards the junior market. Denim is something worn by so many each and every day. Therefore, when selecting denim, juniors are looking for ways to have it be individualized and unique.

Some of the biggest trends currently seen in denim jeans include distressed detailing. The edgy urban look shows confidence and boldness. Embellished pockets and belt loops dress a basic skinny jean silhouette up for a fun after school outing or date night. For those who love the 1980s, rock and roll, or just generally more bold looks, we have plenty of acid wash wholesale denim jeans. High waists can be a very flattering look and for comfort, we offer denim joggers.

Good Stuff Apparel is glad to offer a variety of wholesale denim jeans. To see more details about our denim visit the bottoms page at

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