Caroline's Fashion Rant

So I've noticed that the new trend is that men dress more feminine and women dress basically like 12 year old boys from the 90's. One of my favorite brands that has really gained popularity over the last few years is Brandy Melville. One night my friend and I went to a bar both wearing Brandy Melville's most trending mason top (basically a loose fit T-shirt) and a few guys were commenting on how we were dressed like LITTLE BOYS. Once they said that out loud I noticed they were kind of right. The sad part is that I started to notice girls who were 10 years younger than me wearing the exact same clothes that I was wearing! I never thought I would be in my early 20's and be wearing the same clothes as a 10 year old girl. These new fashion trends are getting so confusing to me that I simply stopped caring. I think it's funny that men gradually dress more feminine as years go on. For example, wearing more bracelets, necklaces and other kinds of accessories. The big thing for guys now is being a hipster, but not the kind of hipsters that I think of that go to thrift shops and don't shave. These types of hipsters dress really well and obviously spend a lot to keep up with the new fashion trends. For both men and women staying fashion forward is never easy and so time consuming. I find it much easier to stick with a style that you personally like. I am my most comfortable when I just wear clothes that make me happy instead of trying to keep up with celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner all the time. However, if that's your thing to always be trendy then go for it! If you're lazy and carless like I am than go for that. Just do what makes you comfortable.

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