Social Media Tips

So how does one go about managing their social media accounts?

Be Aggressive
Being aggressive in your social media strategy during the first few months is very important. With that said once you reach a number or once you’ve engaged a good number of customers, you have to start toning it down. For Facebook posts, once you have a lot of organic likes and a few customers who comment, like, and share your posts on a regular basis, you can start lessening your posts to once or twice a week.

Your Niche
What's your brand’s identity? What are the kind of clients you attract? These are important questions you should ask yourself. Some brands have a high-end approach when it comes to social media but they know how they attract people from all walks of life. This is because their brand is aspirational! and that’s what they’re sticking with. So you really have to dig deep in order to determine the kind of people your brand/social media accounts attract.

Offer Discounts
If you’re handling an online boutique’s Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram account, give your followers something to smile about. Offer exclusive discounts to your page’s followers in order to give back and encourage them to check out your page regularly.

Don’t Bore Them
Originality is a key word here, most likely your followers are following a dozen other similar pages and unless you stay fresh and original with your content there is a good change they will tune out.There are lots of ways to annoy people on social media. But here are the two things you can completely avoid doing: 1) Post over 500 words as a Facebook post 2) #HashtagEverything! First, you can update people on Facebook or Instagram using just a few, direct-to-the-point words. And second, you can use up to four hash tags and call it a day. Some Instagram-based boutiques even add hashtags later on as a comment (instead of putting it in the post) to keep things organic and easy on the eyes.

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