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2015 Fall Fashion Guide

Posted on June 17 2015


It's going to be a Bohemian fall and no one can see they didn't see this coming. Nostalgia for the 1970s is running strong through spring's most coveted fashion lines and industry experts expect to see the trend linger in this year's fall-winter collections. New York Fashion Week, which started Thursday.

At New York Fashion Week there was full display of high waists and many and long layers, with extended tunics paired over slim flaring dresses and long skirts.

The baby doll dress which found a home in every retailer in the nation was a key item in the Fall line ups but many anticipate the overriding trend to be masculinity with strong elements of sleeker and slimmer silhouettes.

Expect emphasis on the waist and relaxed pant combos featuring flaps on lower pockets or patent belts that are firm on the waist.

The belted waist lends itself well into a slightly masculine aesthetic with a focus on uniformity and military like utility. Because of this, the color palettes are expected to skew towards olive, rich greens and navy.

    There's soft, pure neutrals and cosmetic tones like camel and chalky whites that made it's way on many collections. The gentle colors juxtaposed with warm, rich tones like saffron and orange.

    And while the 1970s are going strong, many wonder if things won't trend back even further to a time of "historical romanticism", with high, intricately laced necklines, empire-waisted gowns and tapestry prints.

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