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5 Tips for Running Your Online Boutique

Posted on June 17 2015

1) Network

The online ecommerce business is based on the same rules as brick and mortars: you will never get a lot of customers until you start to spread a word about it. The best way is to do this is in person in your community. Of course Social Media is a good marketing tool, but an… additional  tool. You can’t run a business solely relying on it because frankly people just aren't that attentive to social media compared to personal relationships. Personal contacts will always more productive and effective. Think about people who you know: relatives, friends, acquaintances. Think, if anybody of them can help you to promote your business or might be interested in the products you sell. It's best to create a following with the people you know first and the start to attract outsiders.

2) Presentation

Since clients don’t have opportunity to see and touch the products it is imperative to create the best possible online presentation. Good photography is crucial here! Preferably have several photos of the product showing different sides and distances.

3) Research

Analyze where the majority of your clients come from and the demographics, determine which products are more successful than the others and more importantly what makes them so. Once you learn this information, use it to develop your business further.  Find out what your profitable markets are and find ways to make them even more profitable.

4) Quantity

Go big or go home. You can’t expect a buyer to stay long in your store if you only have a couple of products to sell. The range of the products must be big enough to give your customer a choice. Keep in mind it is important not to sacrifice quality for quantity – it is better to give a few nice products than a big stock of stuff no one wants.

5) Marketing

You are the marketing manager of your business and it is your duty to never tire promoting it. Social media is really powerful and you shouldn’t neglect it and it will help your google rankings which is a plus. Make business pages on Facebook, Twitter account, join communities on Google+, post photos on Tumblr and Pinterest and participate in LinkedIn discussions. Every day post at least one update about your business.

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