Why You Should Attend the Vegas & New York Trade Shows

Twice a year Las Vegas and New York are host to the nations largest get-together of retailers and manufacturer's. Two of the largest shows are the OFF PRICE SHOW and the MAGIC SHOW and information for the events can be found at http://www.offpriceshow.com & http://www.magiconline.com/magic

These shows are impressively large and it is easy to get overwhelmed on your first visit.  Though after exploring the isles you will soon find that this is the best place on earth to meet individuals who will help take your business to new heights.

The OFF PRICE SHOW can be a little misleading, although it does include a lot of off price liquidators and distributors with goods 20-70% below wholesale costs, it is also full of manufacturers with incredibly valuable product and because in most cases of their large bulk liquidating they offer very competitive pricing. Compare this to the MAGIC show, where you will find brands and wannabe brands with wholesale prices starting at 15.00 and reaching up to 50.00 per piece! The OFF PRICE SHOW is not only about clothing it is also a great hub for fashion accessories, shoes, watches, jewelery and more boutique must haves.

Whether you come to the MAGIC show to stock up or not this is a must see event full of fabulous presentations of design, boutique architecture and beautiful people.  Here you will get the opportunity not only to view but buy Jessica Simpson, Desigual and more mainstream brands clothing lines before they hit the retailers.  For fashion lovers it is a truly an awe inspiring and motivating environment. 

As mentioned these shows present an invaluable opportunity to meet people and this is the biggest thing you can take away from the trade shows. Developing relationships with manufacturers will increase the likely hood you receive the lowest prices and excellent service.

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