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Boho Chic Trend Making a Comeback in Spring 2015

Posted on June 16 2015

Boho-chic style is described as long, flowing dresses, peasant tops, tiered midi skirts, kimono vests and above all fringe embellishments.

The look first started as a artistic movement in the mid-1800s, founded by the carefree livers attempting to rid themselves of the mundane societal grid. These artists and freethinkers romanticized the notion of a spirited gypsy lifestyle. It was a look that most recently hippies adapted and designers reinvented in the 1960s.

Now in Spring 2015 the look has re-emerged and taken a eclectically styled twist featuring jewelry, hats, global prints, floral motifs, bold hues and footwear from sandals to boots. The look is not far from its gypsy-based origins of layered and tiered floral skirts and ponchos.

Even designers like Vera Wang included the trend in their spring collections.

The spring boho trend resonates with today’s modern woman who rebel against fashion’s body-hugging and structured clothing.

Accessories to the bohemian spirited lines include fringe bag,s suede skirts, flared  jeans or billowing, printed maxi's.

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