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Shipping Tips For Your Online Orders

Posted on April 23 2015


Most fashion boutiques are expanding there reach online and if you sell 50 or more items a week online you will quickly understand the importance of a system. Here are a few tips for streamlining your shipping process.

General Shipping Tips

  • Determine shipping cost. You can purchase a cheap scale on amazon or use a kitchen scale.  Of course, if your items fits in the USPS Flat Rate boxes you don’t have to worry about this step.
  • Create a shipping policy that is also reflected on your site. Will you include tracking, insurance, etc.? Domestic only, or will you ship overseas?

Shipping Supplies

  • Did you know flat rate boxes from USPS are free! That's right you can order as many as you want.
  • After you determine what you need for your packaging (stickers, tissues paper, labels, cards, etc.) be sure to have plenty on hand
  • If you’re not going to use USPS think about getting boxes in bulk from places like 
  • Purchase shipping label stickers for your printer so you don’t have to cut and glue

Use Shipping Software

This probably isn't neccessary for most of you but if you had hundreds of orders going out weekly I probably would suggest using UPS worldship software or other shipping integrated apps to help you bulk ship.

Here are some of the most popular amongst small business:

These services make it easy to ship large volumes without having to go to the post office. You can print labels, track products and more.

USPS Pick-Up

If you decide to use USPS why not use their pickup service.

By doing so you can add an extra 30+ minutes to your day!


I didn't talk much about pricing but make sure to do some digging to find out the best prices for boxes, printing paper and of course which shipper your going to use (USPS, UPS, Fedex.)

Good luck in developing your process!


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